Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welcome, 5th graders! The purpose of this blog is to guide you to helpful websites when researching the United States.

Here are some good places to begin:

Online Encyclopedias:
Encyclopedia Britannica Online
World Book

For State Reports...
Class Brain Click on your state for more articles and facts...
State Games A variety of games on a variety of levels!
Reference and Outline Maps of the United States will provide you with maps of individual states and that you can legally download, print and use in your report.
U.S. Census Bureau FactFinder Kid's Corner will give you the most recent (2000) statistics on population, age and educational levels of your state's citizens.

Websites About Jewish Americans, the United States and Israel:
Cooperation Between Israel and 50 States

Public Library Websites
Los Angeles Public Library
Santa Monica Public Library
Beverly Hills Public Library